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Investment artful, I do! Art as a means of investing is often seen as a profitable alternative investment, regarding taxation,   it is very advantageous, and it is largely for this reason that investments for works of art have increasingly conquered collectors and art lovers. With the uncertainty of financial market returns and low interest rates, investors are turning to alternative returns. They hope to make attractive investments especially in the field of Art. The price for work of Art by recognized Artists   resists the crisis, prices continue to rise. the pleasure which reports ! Investing for a living artist allows there fore to see the work of Art, that you enjoy continuing and see your artist grow in notoriety. To get started, it is enough to have 20000 euros, for to acquire a work of Art and or unique sculpture  with certificate of authenticity. Buy works of Art to living artist is a value  safe, because the price of his works increases over time, in view of the ever- increasing demand. The liquidity of the art market is relatively high compared to   to other asset classes. We always finds a buyer   in an auction room   or when selling directly to a collector,   an investor or to an Art gallery. An investment in Art   is therefore very profitable, from the moment when it is considered as a long-term investment. Indeed, if we keep the artwork more than 5 years, it is possible to benefit from a  revalorisation,  up to 7.5% per year   for a direct investment, and 12% on average   for investment funds. In France, works of Art are fully exempt from the ISF (taxes on wealth), and are very easily transmissible.   There are two tax regimes on the capital gains during the resale of the work of Art: -The first is to tax 5% of the total amount of the sale.